The Chapel in the
Meadow, has been
collecting items since
1993. When she met
Fons D. Thorum in
May 2009,  Rev.Brown
was already collecting
for the Appalachia
Mission Trips
All God's children must
NOW stand in prayer. We
thank you in advance for
your prayers. We welcome
any help the Holy Spirit
lays upon your heart.

501C3 program which
allows you to deduct any
contributions on your tax
Blessings in our Lord
Rev. Mary Ann Brown
Together linked in Jesus we
can make changes for our
pierced through the
darkness in Appalachia.
The Editor of the Phoenix
newspaper has followed our
journey in the Lord.
We have blessed many in
our travels. We have also
been blessed by our
giveaways to the ones in
great need.
A Christian Interfaith Prophetic Ministry
Home of ONE HEART.
The Chapel In The Meadow, A Christian Interfaith Prophetic Ministry, 528 North Lewis Rd., Limerick, Pa 19468
Ph: 610.948.0331, email: alohaangel101@yahoocom
The Chapel in the Meadow is a Christian Interfaith
Prophetic Ministry.

The Building is a One Room School House from the

Our Chapel teaches the Words of Jesus, his Truth of
the Holy Spirit. We Walk everyday in childlike faith,
with our hands clasped in the hand of Our Savior
Jesus the Christ.

Our doors are always Open to you. We invite you to
Walk with us, Pray with us, Worship with us, Laugh
and Smile in True Fellowship, You will find as you
enter Our Chapel the Peace of the Holy Spirit. We are
not a large church but we are mighty in Jesus. Please
bring your bible and join us for his Words.

Sunday Service: 10:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.
Hands on Healing, In the Name of Jesus
Intimate Wedding Services
Guest Lecturing
Spiritual Guidance in Our Lord.

We all need encouragement now and then. Whether
you're a housewife, college student, executive,
grandmother or grandfather. You will leave the
chapel filled with uplifting and affirming words from
the scriptures. One that I love to share with you is  
Ephesians 3:20 says that God is able to do
immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.